For today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing a couple of my favourite things that I have been loving/constantly using these past few months!

Glossier’s Boy Brow

Before purchasing boy brow I heard tons of hype surrounding the product but I wasn’t too convinced. It wasn’t until I purchased their ‘cloud paint’ blush and decided to throw the eyebrow gel in there as well (probably to qualify for free shipping). To my surprise Glossier’s boy brow quickly became one of my all-time favourite beauty products. When using this brow gel it only takes a small amount of product and an even smaller amount of effort - a couple strokes and your eyebrows have never looked better. I’m not too sure how Glossier did it - but they did. As you can see from the pictures above, the item is well loved and will be 100% a re-purchase.

7,300 Days By Isabella Mente

7,300 days is a narrative book told through the form of poetry. Isabella Mente takes her readers on a journey through her 7,300 days on earth, sharing the ups and downs of her life and the lessons learned along the way. Her goal with this book was to empower the individual to not only search for answers, but also to continue asking questions.

This book has definitely grown my interest & appreciation for the art of poetry - I have countless pages marked up that I will continually come back to read.


The Artizia super puff had to make the list of favourites considering I wear it every day. January has been super cold, so a super puff is essential to keep warm


The five-minute journal is a guided journal where you fill in questions right when you wake up and right before heading to bed.

The questions read:


  1. I am grateful for….

  2. What would make today great?

  3. Daily affirmation. I am…


4. 3 amazing things that happened today…

5. How could I have made today even better?

I have been loving this journal because it causes you to start off the day in a place of gratitude, making yourself a lot more aware of these things throughout the day. Writing down what you are grateful as opposed to just thinking it actually makes a huge difference! The night portion of the journal makes you reflect on small little things that you may have forgotten about that happened throughout your day, it’s nice to look back on these moments once you use the journal for quite some time!


I have always loved film! Before purchasing my actual film camera, disposables were my best friend. I always picked one up at my local drug store before heading out on any adventure. If you aren’t quite yet committed to a point and shoot camera, disposables are the way to go!

xx Lauren

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